HonSwitch – Energy Price Comparison

HonSwitch Energy Price Comparison


Web Design


From concept through completion we were there every step of the way to help this utilities comparison service – including wider branding and back end integrations. The design reflects both a flair for aesthetics as well as effective user experience (UX) to help users do what they want to do quickly and easily!



The user-friendly layout of the pages allows for ease of use on mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop, and other devices. We made use of calming, friendly colours to enhance key areas of the page, such as forms and contact information.



All of our sites are fully responsive (appear appropriately on different sizes of device), working well on all the major smartphone platforms including Android and Apple iPhone. But it’s not just phones and desktops – it’s everything in between and quite often beyond! For this site that means small and large tablets and TVs!

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